After leading a successful book of business at a top 5 Wealth Management Firm, there was an opportunity to move into consulting for Wealth Management related cases. Below are some of the larger, more notable consulting opportunities that were analyzed.

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Investment portfolio analysis

$2 Billion Advisement In Portfolio Analysis

successful entrepreneur suing wealth manager

After an exit from a wildly successful app, the client had began investing his proceeds with a Private Wealth Manager. The client was young in age and investing risk tolerance. This was not the last stop in this entrepreneurs career but decided to leverage his assets into further improving his wealth.

The advisor suggested a very conservative portfolio at the beginning of the relationship which completely changed the initial aggressive portfolio the client had. The client had sued the Wealth Advisor for performance, poor recommendations in one of the greatest bull markets this country has seen over the history of the markets.

Hired as an expert witness by the defendants team, I was tasked to review, analyze and decipher the portfolios over the course of a 5 year period. It was important to analyze each monthly statement for investment changes, overall allocations, and risk profile designations.

After constructing a multi-page report, analysis, research and opinion, the Advisor successfully remained in his practice with this portion of the lawsuit dismissed.

HIre as a consultant