Hello, I’M Gregory Garone

Always searching for opportunity

a little about me

My Strongest Quality Is Listening

I love listening to people’s stories, experiences and what they’re working on. In a world where many strive to joust for social media attention, we move away from hearing and listening to others. We see entirely too much polarization due to emotion taking hold of conversations and discussions and feel the need to dig in our positions before listening to the other side.

Having a strength in listening helps me undertake new ventures, exceed in sales, deescalate tense situations, learn something new, allow me to ask questions, take an interest in people, have others open up to me and so on.

It’s helped me to become patient but hungry for opportunity.

I am happy you are here and I hopefully can work with you in some capacity.

Software & language used in our companies
Current Company

Affluensee Lead Platform

Wealth Management prospecting is a challenging effort. Our platform is designed to help identify prospects with high needs of planning.

Automate Pipeline
Acquire Assets
manage processes
Improve Junior advisors